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Family Reunion 2007 "July 14th St. George Utah"



Jeff and I currently live in Albany, GA. Jeff is stationed at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany as a Active Duty Marine. I am pregnant and is due June 12th with a boy!!!! We are going to name him Micah C. Perez. We can't wait for the little guy to arrive. Jeff returned from Iraq for the 3rd time in September, and yes for those of you counting that is exactly 9 months from when Micah will be here. HEHEHEHE.

We will be relocating sometime in November. Jeff has recruiter duty and we won't know where we will be living until late September. Natalie is planning to come to Utah while Jeff is at recruiter school for 7 weeks. So start pulling out your party hats because it's going to be a party when I come.

Life for us is going to be a whirl-wind until the end of the year. We are excited for all the blessings that we have received and can't wait to get out of Albany. If you want to contact us here is our info.

Jeff and Natalie Perez

9238 B Wharton Ave

Albany, GA 31705

229-869-5025 Nat's Cell

229-869-5473 Jeff's Cell



Love you all!!


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