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Family Reunion 2007 "July 14th St. George Utah"

Nancy & Randy Gubler


Randy & Nancy Gubler Bio
5 Kids:
Spencer - 16
Marley - 14
Ingrid - 10
Ian - 4
Elizabeth 2
We've had an exciting year, and I hate bragging, but how do you do a bio on your family when a lot of good things have happened and not talk about it. 
We've been building a vacation home in West Jordan.  It should be done around July.  We're trying to complete our backyard in the Las Vegas home and redo the floors before we have to start on another.
We went to Hawaii, just Randy and I, for the first time in my life.  It really is a paradise.  I was not disappointed at all, and I want Marley to attend BYU Hawaii when she goes to college.  I overcame my fear of heights and my favorite activity was the zip line over some of Hawaii's canyons.  We saw where King Kong was filmed and swung on the swing from Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Jeff and Heather stayed in our home and watched the kids for the week.  We are thankful, but I don't know if they'll be volunteering anytime soon again.  Seven kids is a challenge, especially when your not much older than the oldest.
Spencer had a foreign exchange student from Germany come and visit us for 3 weeks.  He will be going to Germany in June to stay with him.  His name is Max.  We enjoyed having him.  His favorite part of America that he saw with us was Warm Springs and Disneyland.
Marley's Orchestra class is awesome, and they keep winning top awards.
Ingrid is getting straight A's, does well in gymnastics, takes Violin lessons, is really cool on the drums, and will be getting her Great American Award for memorizing all the Presidents, States, Capitals, and Gettysburg address.
Ian and Lizzie are good friends, and it is my pleasure to be home with them during the day. 
I'm so thankful for my beautiful family and the gospel.
Nancy Osness Gubler


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