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Family Reunion 2007 "July 14th St. George Utah"

Michael & Blanche

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live in Hurricane and LOVE IT! Michael is a salesman for Stock Components. and Blanche is the Office Manager for Smart Enterprises ( just a glory name for doing what nobody else wants to). we enjoy doing things with our kids, Sunday dinner with all the family and each other! we just had our 25th ann. and my parents say he gets a medal .... I am not sure what they meant hmmmm.

Matthew is in the ninth grade at Hurricane middle school. he enjoys, Xbox, computers, Dog the bounty hunter, riding bikes with his friends.
Brooke is living at home, taking a little break from collage, and just started a new job doing billings for all the girls & boys home. her hobbies is hanging out with her friends, and going to the movies since most of her friends work there and they get to see them for free, she has not missed many opening nights. I remember when Grandpa O. counted people at the movies maybe it is in the genes?.
Brandon & Lacey Barnum Live in Kingman Arizona he maintenance heavy equipment on the weekends and is planning to go back to school next quarter to get certified as a EMT with hopes to become a fireman.
Lacey is working in a daycare where she can still be a mommy and make money at the same time.
they have a beautiful little girl Brooklyn. she is two. and the have a little boy (Leland) on the way in fact she is in Labor as I type YES!!
Brittney & Chuck Taylor live in St. George Chuck is with the 222 and he is home for now and safe! we are so proud of him!  Chuck works for AGEC testing dirt and such.
Brittney is working for a quant little store in Santa Clara called Vintage Gardens, everyone should go take a peek, it is across from the Relief Society house.
they are expecting there first baby June 1st. boy or girl who knows??? well Chuck does but he is keeping it a secret, because Brittney likes surprises. WHAT A GREAT Husband!

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