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Family Reunion 2007 "July 14th St. George Utah"

Deborah (Barnum) Dodge and George Dodge

Debbie & George have been married for 25 years, have 7 children and 5 grandchildren. They currently live in Las Vegas, NV

Noralee Dodge - 25

Noralee is a Health and Girls P.E. teacher at Garside Middle School in Las Vegas, NV. She graduated from UNLV in 2006 with a Bachelors. Noralee is very athletic and has participated in rugby, basketball, track, cross country, and many other sports.

Georgia (Dodge) Tupailelei - 23

Georgia is married to Sitagata "Sika" Tupailelei, who is from Samoa, and they have 1 daughter, Tava'esina, born 12/28/2005. Georgia is a receptionist with a Subcontract painting company, Midwest Pro Painting, in Las Vegas, NV. Sika lays wood flooring .**hint hint** Sika loves playing golf, rugby, billiards and many other sports. Georgia use to play rugby but has retired to take care of Tava'esina. They plan to go to Samoa in 2008.

Kate Dodge - 22

Kate recently moved from Las Vegas to Kansas City, MO. She has 4 children: Edgar-5, Isaiah-3, Emmalee-Kate-1, and Yolanda-6 months. Kate also once played rugby and basketball.

George "Sonny" Dodge, III - 20

George lives in Las Vegas, NV and has one "child" a bull terrier named Pogo. George is an Eagle Scout and is part of the Mormon Battalion.

William Dodge - 18

William just graduated high school and will be working for UPS. He is also an Eagle Scout.

Nathan Dodge - 16

Nathan is almost ready to become an Eagle Scout. Every summer he works as a camp counselor at Camp Potosi and Del Webb.

Zachary Dodge - 13

Zachary is also getting close to becoming an Eagle Scout. He enjoys hanging out with Noralee and riding his bike. He is a great babysitter and loves babies.


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