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Family Reunion 2007 "July 14th St. George Utah"
The Family reunion was GREAT!

I hope everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves. It is always great to see our family and learn how you are all doing. This website is a trial to see if you all like the idea and will use it. What I would like to create here is a place we can all return to time and time again to keep up with each other. I have links to the left for each of Grandmas kids. there is little information on this site at the moment but if you like this idea then that will change shortly based on your submissions regarding your families.

In order to make this work we need at least one person from each of the families to prepare and submit content to me for posting. you can either bring the information to my home (154 S 100 W St. George UT 84770) or you can email me at jeff@osness.org. Let's all work together and keep this site up to date.

If anyone else would like a copy of the DVD's I put together for the auction you can purchase one here:

The cost of the DVD is $25 to cover what it costs me to put it together mail it to you and put $10 into the 2007 Reunion Fund.

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